Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little is Much when God is In It!

Dear Readers,

I wrote this post on Monday, January 5, 2015!  I just realized that I never posted it to my blog.  

I've decided to post it now because God prompted me to write this, and He may know that someone needs to read it today.  I know I was convicted as I re-read the post....   and I wrote it!

Little is Much when God is In It!  

The greatest things happen when God is involved!  I got up this morning and wrote my blog, and then my husband got up and we sat down to read our Bibles together.  Then I did my devotions. I do my daily devotions with my Sunday School lesson.  This week's lesson just happened to be on God being with you all the time and on depending on Him to strengthen you, just as my blog post had been. 

I love it when God works things out just that way. He put a certain message in my head this morning, he told me what to share with all my reading friends and family, and then he reinforced that message in my Sunday School lesson. God is amazing!

Happy Monday Everybody!  It's been a great weekend!  I was able to rest and to get some things done around the house.  I went to church yesterday it was just a wonderful service!  The best way to start out the New Year is right there in your own church surrounded by your friends and church family!

I hope everybody else started their New Year in the house of God and I pray that you will spend the whole with Him. One of my resolutions is to get my life, and my health, in order so I can serve God and to serve others to the fullest extent possible.  I am asking God to show me what He has for me, for the strength to take all that He has for me, and the courage to ask Him for just a little bit more.  I have been listening to a sermon by Pastor S.M. Davis, on "How to Increase Your Life's Potential"; in his sermon Pastor Davis teaches us that God's richest blessings are reserved for those that take all that He has for them and then ask for more.

In order to make sure I'm up to the task I've decided that I need to be moving in the right direction, at the right time, day by day. Little by little, bit by bit, I can accomplish more, and be more thorough in living in Our Lord Jesus Christ, if I plan my day and start each day with a task list.  

I've set up a template for my daily to do list, and I've printed it off.  As I finish each task I'm going to check it off and I'm going to thank God for the power and strength to get that task accomplished. 

It isn't much to write a list, anyone can do it.  What is important is that you write the list and then follow through on your goals. I've written lots of lists...   None of them were terribly special....   This time my lists are different, my goals are different, because I am calling on God's power to accomplish each task on that list. 

As God gives me the strength, and the power, to get thing done I am going to take a few moments and personally thank Him for helping me complete each task.  I've started things on my own power and haven't always followed through; my power is limited, my strength wains, and my courage falters.  

This time I am depending upon God's power.  His strength is unending, His power is complete, and His wisdom is infinite.  I am going to stop depending on my own limited store of strength and power and put my trust on God's Super Store of strength, power, and wisdom.  

My prayer for today...
Dear Lord, help me remember that You are the source of all power, and that I can come to you any time, any day, and ask for your strength, power, and wisdom so I can honor and glorify you throughout all the challenges of life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Can you help me brand this new business venture?

1 Corinthians 10:31b (KJV)
...whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Please Help Me Brand My New Business!

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

I have had several great job interviews lately and I am trying to wait patiently for the job that God has for me.  But, while I wait, I have been encouraged to consider what else God may have in mind for me.

To that end, I am thinking and praying about starting my own my own business.  I have had years of experience in accounting, consulting and tax services.  I love working with others, to help them achieve success, and I think I could be of service to our Lord Jesus Christ in this venture.

Initially, I would like to headquarter my business at home.  With today's transportation and technology options, I could easily travel to my clients locations and/or work with them remotely from home.

I have a well-rounded background in accounting and management; I am experienced in public, corporate, small business, and non-profit accounting.  I am good at helping others make sense of their financial data.

For this venture, I am primarily interested in reaching out to small businesses, and to churches, to assist them with their accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and tax needs.

I would like this venture to provide an income, but I would also like it to be a means of serving our Lord Jesus Christ and His local church.  If you know anyone who could use my services, I would really appreciate your prayers and any referrals that you could provide. 

Can you help me brand this new business venture?

·        My business needs great name
·        A name that conveys that this venture is both a business, and a ministry. 
·        A name that tells people that I am a talented and capable accountant, and that I have a servant's heart.
·        A name that quickly and easily imparts the scope and the vision of this venture.

·        I want to develop a motto
·        A catchy phase, something easy to remember, that tells my clients that I am the right person for the task.

·        I would like a logo
·        A photograph, a graphic, or an image that says that I am capable, equipped for the task, and that I am ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Would you be willing to help me brainstorm for a great name?  Perhaps you could comment below, or send me a message, with your ideas for a business name, a catchy slogan or motto, and an eye-catching logo.

Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your kindness!

Your Sister in Christ,


Thursday, January 1, 2015

God uses broken, sinful, people to accomplish great things!
Dear God, Use Me!

Galations 6:10 - As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

I know I am not everything God intends me to be; I may never be ALL that He wants me to be.  But, abiding in His grace, love, and mercy, each day that I wake up gives me an opportunity to get closer to living as He desires.

Satan always attacks in those areas where I am weakest.  Follow through is NOT one of my strong points.  I am great at starting projects but not so great at finishing them.  I am quickly engaged, easily distracted, and sometimes lose focus.

When I started this blog, almost a year ago, it was my intention to sit down and write every single day.  I started out with great enthusiasm, I was motivated to tell MY story, I was on fire for God, and I was on fire for Life.  I wanted to share that with everyone I knew.

Sadly, I let people and circumstances alter my focus.  Instead of keeping my focus on God, His ability to control every aspect of my life, and His ability to supply ALL my needs, ALL the time, I felt sorry for myself and slipped into depression.

Satan placed some obstacles in my path this year.  Things happened that were utterly beyond my control and the entire situation really upset me.  You see, I live with the illusion that I am in control of my life, what a lie!

My husband lost his job, I lost my job, and I really started beating myself up over this turn of events.  I felt sorry for myself.  I doubted my ability.  I questioned everything.  I believed I was junk.  I couldn’t see any good thing that I could give to God or to others! 

Satan uses people and circumstances to tempt and discourage us.  Then he whispers in our ears, see...  You are no good!  God doesn’t love you!  God wouldn’t use someone like you!  Satan urges us to remember our sins, to magnify them, to dwell upon them, and to use them as an excuse to do nothing.  But, Jesus says DON'T YOU BELIEVE SATAN’S LIE.  We DO love you, and we CAN use you, so get up and dust yourself off and DO SOMETHING.
Last night some young men at our church preached at our New Year’s Eve, Watch Night, Service.  Their sermons really opened my eyes, softened my heart, and humbled me.

Am I so prideful that I discounted God's ability to use me for good?  Who am I to challenge God?  Do I let stubbornness and pride stop me from serving God, and others, because I have magnified my sins and believed them too big for God to forgive?  Hard questions, worthy of consideration!

I started this blog as a means of Honoring God; I wanted to encourage people by sharing my story and telling them about the changes that God has wrought in my life.  How could I share that with others when I lost grasp of it myself?

God is my Heavenly Father, and He loves me so much that He sent His only begotten Son - Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - to die on the cross to save me from my sins.  And for yours too!

I am so thankful that our God is a God of fresh starts.  Every morning that I wake up God has given me a brand new day, a chance to start over, an opportunity to glorify Him for all that He is, and to be grateful for all that He makes me when I am with Him.

My Prayer for Today...   Dear Lord, Please forgive my pride.  Help me remember that you use broken, sinful, people to accomplish great things every day.  And, finally, Lord use me to your glory and honor!