Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearts and Roses – Opportunities to Share Gods love!

Hearts remind me of Gods Love and give me an opportunity to witness.
Hearts remind me of
God's Love
and give me an
opportunity to witness
Years ago, I decided I would remember Christ's love for me, and His sacrifice on the cross, each time I see someone wearing a heart.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, lots of people are wearing hearts, so I’ve had some fun with this witnessing tool the last few days.

Hearts & Rainbows & Roses, Oh My!

When I see people wearing hearts on their clothing, or a piece of heart shaped jewelry, I tell them that hearts remind me of Jesus’ love.  He loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins.  It turns out to be a good witnessing opportunity.

I have several heart shaped necklaces, and some earrings, and I like to wear them often.  When people comment, I tell them that hearts remind me of Christ’s love, and His sacrifice for my salvation.  Some get it, some don’t.  Some are receptive, and ask questions; some just smile and wander away.  But, the seed is planted!  We plant the seed, others may water it, but God brings the seed to fruit.

My friend Hazel collected rainbows.  Whenever someone commented, she told them about God’s covenant with mankind, and that God had a plan for our salvation.  That gave her an opportunity to share the gospel with those who were receptive.

I love yellow roses, and many people believe them to be a symbol of love, joy, and friendship.  They turn into witnessing tools.  Who loved us more than Jesus Christ?  What better joy could we have than to spend eternity with Him in heaven?  And what better friendship could we ask for than the fact that Jesus lay down his life for us?

John 15:13 (KJV) – Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

The other person’s response gives an indication of whether I can go on and share the gospel with them.  Even if I don’t get a chance to share the whole gospel with that individual, the seed has been planted.

As big as the world is, and as many things we see and touch every day, we have plenty of things that remind of us Gods many splendors.  It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day.  You may see a cardinal singing in a tree, or a kitten under a bush, or a skyscraper that makes you think of all the wonders God has put in this world for us to behold.

Choose a Witnessing Tool

I would like to encourage you to choose something to use as a witnessing opportunity.  You may want to choose several.  Just pick something!  Please take a moment to share your “something” with the rest of us in the comment section below.  That way we can pray for you, and ask God to give you opportunities to witness!

My Prayer for Today...  Dear Lord, Thank you for reminding us – through the little things of daily living – that You love us, and thank you sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins.  Thank you for the opportunities to share this good news with others; give us the courage to speak out for Christ every day.


  1. The 'icon' is a GREAT idea! I haven't thought of what I'll use, but I will!

  2. Glad to hear that you are inspired. Please let us know when you decide.


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