Saturday, May 3, 2014

lose weight, get healthy, stay focused on God

Mathew 4:4 (KJV) - But he [Jesus] answered [Satan] and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

I’ve come to have great respect for those that blog daily and do it successfully.  It takes quite a bit of effort to come up with something honest, useful, witty, and entertaining to share on a regular basis.

I find that my blog – like its name – takes me many places.  I enjoy writing but sometimes I’m not sure what I’m going to say before I get to the keyboard and start typing.  Today, I’ve decided to have a day of confession...  

I set out some goals for myself earlier in the year insofar as my health, and my happiness, is concerned.  I wanted to lose weight and get healthy.  In theory it was a simple plan; but, as simple plans go in my life, I got in the way! 

I overcomplicated it!  I lost interest.  And, I quit!  Let’s analyze a couple of things that went wrong.  Good ideas in, and of, themselves.  But, I lost my focus;  the focus should have been to please God and instead it turned into some Mary-Glorifying thing (at which Mary failed supremely).

I could have started out slowly with a plan to eat more healthfully and to move more; but, not me, I was out to show the world my goal setting skills.  So, I spent an entire blog session on healthy goal setting (see 2014-0108 - get healthy, lose weight). 

I started out with lots of zeal and enthusiasm for the health improvement project.  Then reality set in.  We had a really hard winter here in Delaware!  Snow and ice up to my arthritic ying-yang kept me from walking as I planned 3 days a week.  

When the weather finally broke and I could go outside for a walk I walked with gusto!  I ended up with severe heal, shin, and lower back pain so I slowed it down to prevent injury.  Uh-oh!  I gained some weight because I didn’t slow down the eating to accommodate the slower pace of my activity.

I initially started journaling every bite I put in my mouth – which for some is an excellent tool for keeping track of their food and using that information to evaluate progress – but my OCD (obsessive, compulsive, dysfunctional) personality went overboard with the food journal.  I was drowning in thoughts of food – planning menus, counting calories, recording feelings, thoughts, and moods, revising menus, and generally rethinking everything I could possibly rethink about the food going into my mouth (and on to my hips and belly) – and that made me unproductive in other areas of life.

I blogged about my goals, but I didn’t ask anyone close to me to help keep me accountable.  I am notorious for starting projects with gusto and zeal and then giving up when I get tired, sick, or bored.  I need people to keep me accountable when I set goals.  

Therefore, I’m asking you, Dear Reader (yes, that means YOU), to help me stay motivated and to help me stay accountable for my promises to God and to myself.

You see, I didn’t decide I needed to lose weight on a whim.  My health is suffering, my body aches and doesn’t function well with all the extra weight I’m carrying around.  Moreover, I’ve been using that as an excuse not to actively serve my Lord, my God, and my Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ.  He gave me life, then He gave me New Life, and I owe it to him to use all of my talents and my abilities to serve Him.

Today I am printing up my goal sheet (see 2014-0108 - get healthy, lose weight) and pasting it on the wall so I can see it every day and I am starting over!  If, of course, I can get past my technological flub-ups!  My wireless printer doesn’t seem to want to talk to my laptop this morning.

I really need your help Dear Reader...   If you have any tips on getting healthy, would you send them to me in the comment section below?  Would you pray for me and help me stay on the straight and narrow street!  Would you commit to ask me about my progress occasionally and send me a word or two of encouragement?

My Prayer for Today...  Dear Lord, help me today and always to remember that my satisfaction in life comes from you and not from the food I put in my mouth.  Help me make wise food choices and help me stay motivated exercise daily because it pleases You; not because I want something out of it for me.  

Lord Jesus, I truly feel better after exercise!  Please remind me when the alarm goes off that getting healthy and getting in shape will honor and glorify You because I will be better fit to serve.  

Dear Lord, please send occasional reminders that you are in this with me.  I know that I am Your Child, a Child of the King, and I want to serve You, my Father God.  And, help me remember that will be all the more enjoyable as my health improves.  

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