Monday, January 6, 2014

2014-0106 - lists4 - someday dreams

I hope you enjoyed my last couple of posts (lists2 and lists3).  We had a lively and detailed discussion of Daily Lists and Project Lists.  I hope you will be able to incorporate some of the ideas I shared into your lives.  At the very least, I hope you’ve gained a new appreciation for list making, and that you’ll try it.  I’d be wandering about aimlessly without my lists!

Today we’ll finish this topic with the more easy going “Someday Lists.”  Someday lists are far less structured than daily lists and project lists.  I jot down things that interest me; things I might like to – see, do, cook, read, have, make or accomplish – someday.  They are not so much lists of urgency or need; but, rather, of imagination, hopes, and dreams.  

My Someday Lists include...

People ideas:  We like to encourage others.  It’s fun to do something out of the ordinary and surprise people with a call, a card, or a letter.  It’s nice to give thoughtful gifts that people will really appreciate.  It’s nice to invite someone out for a quick dinner, dessert, or walk through the mall.  Those things don’t require a ton of planning; but they do require some thought.  I work full time, I can’t always stop what I’m doing to pay a kindness; it may be days – or a week later –that I’ll find the right time and place to encourage someone.  I’m likely to forget all about it if I don’t stop and jot it down right away. 

Sample People Ideas:
·        The perfect gift idea for husband, friend, or sister-in-law.
·        Mrs. Smith mentioned her birthday was coming up; I don’t want to forget the date.
·        Peggy’s been sick; I should take her some soup.
·        My niece has a birthday coming up.  Ask her mom about sizes.

Money Things:  Things to do/Purchases to makeWe live on a pretty tight budget so we plan our luxury expenditures, and our big-ticket purchases, very carefully.  So, when we think of something we’d like to have it goes on a Wish List!  Then we can watch for the item at our leisure, pray over it, ask God to help us find it at the right time and the right price; and consider the purchase wisely, before the funds are spent.  I might even share things on our list with others so they can pray with us, or watch for us, when they see yard sales or thrift stores.

If we are very precise about the specifications, or really want a specific brand name, we may attach a picture, model number, or detailed description to the wish list so we are sure to check it out thoroughly before we make the purchase.  That goes double for computers and electronics!

Our Wish List:
·        L-Shaped workstation with lots of drawers – maybe a hutch
·        Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon (or very similar)
·        Queen sized futon mattress – firm so it will not fall over when used as couch
·        Piano (Mary) – short one – tight stairs to basement apartment
·        Painting lessons (Mary)

And then, there are those Someday Projects and Procrastinations:  Did I mention that I tend to procrastinate?  Or, that I have so much “stuff” that I can’t find what I own when I want it?  NO???   REALLY?????     Well, we’ll have to save that for a some rainy day post, hahaha!

I like this category because it gives me hope.  If I put it on the list, I’ll get to it someday, right?  I may not get everything done right away but when I write these things down, and I look at them every day, I am more motivated to take some action.  A long walk begins with ONE step!

My Someday Projects and Procrastinations:
·        Live more simply – de-clutter – Sort, put-away, trash, donate, sell (call AS)
·        Downsize closet – like/not like, fit/not fit
·        Save 16-18s, else trash (save buttons/zippers), or donate
·        Take home craft for ladies meeting – Call TW re month/theme
·        Eat healthy/Move more!

I sure hope these posts, about planning and lists, give you something you can use in your own life.  If you’re new to lists, start small!  Grab a notebook and write a few things every day!  Give it three weeks, or so; they say that’s how long it takes to make a habit.  I bet, like me, you’ll find a special satisfaction in those little checkmarks!  Enjoy!

My prayer for today  Dear Lord, Thank you for the opportunity to share something I enjoy with others.  Thank you for giving us work to do, help us to do everything to Your honor and glory.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


I hope this post was a blessing to you and that you found something to help you in your daily walk with Christ. Would you please take a moment and share something that makes your home run more smoothly and aids you in your Walk with Christ? MarySmiles ;-)