Friday, January 3, 2014

2014-0103 - lists1 - i like lists

Ok, it is the beginning of a new year, it seems like a good time to set out some goals to get me moving in the right direction; to that end, it’s time to grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing…  Did I mention that I am a list maker?  Yes, I am!  I really like lists!

Lists motivate me.  They give me a sense of accomplishment.  I love the little checkmarks that accumulate along the side of the page as I finish each item.  I even like the little “X” marks, and scratch out lines, which signify to me that items I once considered worthy of listing have now lost their urgency or appeal.

Lists can be fun!  They help me sort through my thoughts, and to prioritize them, so I can see what I need to accomplish.  List making provides flexibility.  Putting pen to paper allows me to respond to distractions but brings me back to what I originally started out to do.

Sometimes I get lazy and I am always easily distracted.  I have contended with depression most of my life and have had many days that, save the list, absolutely nothing would have happened.  On the flip side there are days when the ideas move so quickly through my mind that I’m afraid I’ll get lost in the shuffle and never get back.  The trick to living like this is to write things down so that I don’t lose track of the urgent or the important.

I’ve been making lists for years so at this point I’ve had to learn NOT to beat myself up when I don’t complete every item on a list.  Who needs that kind of stress?  I can’t let a piece of paper with a few scribbling’s on it ruin my day.  I have plenty of other hang-ups; not finishing everything on a list isn’t currently one of them.

Some of my friends hate list making.  Maybe they don’t like writing it down because they give the list too much power.  Perhaps they look at their unfinished list and see failure.  Not me!!!  Every check mark represents a SUCCESS!  Sometimes just writing the list makes me feel like a huge SUCCESS!!  And, after years of practice, I see the unfinished items as something to look forward to another day!!!

I use several kinds of lists.  Daily lists, project lists, and someday lists.  But, since this post is rapidly approaching the end of the page, I’ll save that and tell you about those tomorrow.

My prayer for today…  Dear Lord, help me to find the joy in the simple tasks of everyday living.  Help me remember that Jesus Christ had a servant’s heart and that He didn’t consider any task too lowly for Him as He strived to serve others.  Help me to be obedient and cheerful to your calling.


  1. I have been working on lists for things I want/need to get done this year.

  2. That's great! I find that lists free up my mind to do other things and keep me from worrying that I'll forget something important! Keep me posted as to how things your lists are shaping up... Are you guys all taking turns sitting on top of the stove tonight???


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