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2014-0104 - lists2 - daily list

As mentioned in yesterday’s post (lists1), I use several kinds of lists; daily lists, project lists, and someday lists.  And, I keep all of my lists in my planner so I can easily keep track of them.  I like to joke around, saying that my planner is my “brain in a book”; but, sadly, that really isn’t as far away from truth as I’d like it to be.

Yes, friends, I still use a paper planner even in this marvelous day and age of anytime, anywhere, anyway computing.  My paper planner has never once crashed on me or dumped all my contacts.  It is portable, easy to use, doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection, and works when the electricity goes out.  I can doodle or decorate each page as I see fit.  And last, but not least, I just love the sound, texture, and even the smell of real paper.  It makes me happy when I turn the pages.  

I also like Bic Crystal pens so I can watch the ink disappear.  The vanishing ink makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something!  But, that’s a blog for another day!

Ok, back to lists and planners.  I like the Day Runner 2-Page-Per-Day-Format, with monthly tabs, (item # 481-225) because it is one of the most budget friendly planner refills on the market.  It’s a well-organized, “bare bones” planner refill; no colorful tabs or beautiful scenery; but quite a bargain.  Click here to check it out for yourself [Day-Runner-Two-Page-Per-Day-Refill]  No, thanks for asking!  Neither Day Runner, nor Walmart, is compensating me for this plug; I just like to share a bargain when I find one!

You will need something to keep your planner pages in.  I bought my last 7-ring binder at the Goodwill store for $3.00.  I just buy the refill every year and I’m on my way!  Yes, you can spend hundreds of dollars on planner accessories; but in this day of electronic planning options many people are selling their binders at yard sales, or donating them to resale shops, so why not take advantage of those bargain prices!

Monthly tabs – not so much a list, but still a useful very tool – provide a convenient place to jot down what is coming up.  No details here, just a word or two alerts me to birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, church services, ladies meetings, pay days, deadlines, holidays, and a whole lot more!.  Monthly tabs help me stagger my schedule so I don’t overdo and wear myself out.

Why 2-page-per-day, you ask?  Because I like to make lists, schedule my work, and take notes when inspired.  The 2-page-per-day format provides both a LEFT PAGE and a RIGHT PAGE to scribble away to my heart’s content!

Daily List & Notes
LEFT PAGE:  Plan the future!
In the morning, I take a few moments to plan.
·        I use this time to add, modify, delete, or check-off completed tasks.
·        I move uncompleted tasks from yesterday's list onto today’s list (or a future list).
·        I review monthly tabs and project lists to see what is coming up in the near future. 
o   Knowing what is coming up helps me decide which tasks to list (and when), allows me to prepare for appointments, to update projects, and to meet my obligations.
o   If I do this every morning, I am not embarrassed or caught off guard.
·        I list new tasks, appointments, bills, and expenses for today.

After everything is listed, I prioritize today’s list using the ABC123 system.
·        ABC – Level of Importance
o   A – Very Important or Urgent (must be done today)
o   B – Medium Importance (needs to be done soon)
o   C – Low Importance (when/if I get around to it)
·        1-2-3 – Best order of completion to ensure success.

RIGHT PAGE:  Record history and enjoy!
Make notes, keep track of important conversations, quick lists (like groceries or take-out orders), doodle, write a story, be as creative (or not) as your heart desires.

My page is about done for today, I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion of daily lists and that you’ll take the challenge to start a simple list for yourself...  I know you’ll like it if you just give it a try!  In tomorrow’s post, lists3, we’ll discuss Project Lists, and then we’ll move on to Someday Lists.

My prayer for today…  Dear Lord, I’ve had so much fun sharing list and planning ideas with my blog friends!  Thank you for this opportunity to share something useful with others.  I pray that you will bless us with success as we strive to serve You through service to others.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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