Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014-0125 - technology vs clutter

Technology is wonderful, except when it isn’t.  I have a bunch of photos on my cell phone that I want to get onto my computer, so I can share them with others, and I am having a dreadful time getting it right.  I took lots of pictures at my friend’s birthday party and lots of people asked me to share them.  Either I have copied one set of photos over, and over, and over again; or I fear that I have deleted some pictures I promised to friends.  Yes, technology IS wonderful, except when it isn’t.

I’m not always a technical goofball.  But, lately it seems that I’m more goofball than technical.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I also have before and after photos of the clear-the-clutter project that Amy and I embarked upon last Saturday!  You guessed it, I haven’t figured out how to share those pictures either, but thankfully, no one is asking about them, hahaha.  So, I’ll tell you about our progress…  And, then, when I get the visual part figured out I’ll share the shots.

Amy and I have made a ton of progress on what we’ve lovingingly nicknamed the Green Room, it’s the first bedroom to the left as you enter our apartment; and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now it is painted green (at least in most places, hahaha).  There do seem to be some areas near the floor where the paint doesn’t quite come all the way down, hahaha!

Last Saturday we collected 4 bags of clothing and fabric, 1 large box of wall décor, a footbath, and 3 boxes of miscellaneous items for donation to Goodwill; today we added 2 more bags of clothing and fabric, 3 more boxes of miscellanea, and 2 wicker pieces for delivery to Goodwill. 

Over the course of our progress, we’ve also emptied a dozen or so boxes of various sizes, and filled seven trash bags.  Amy was even able to convince me to throw out a broken printer that dear Hubby and I have carried across seven states, and stored for eight years; she rescued the ink cartridges and took them into Staples for the recycling rebates.

Over the last two Saturdays, Amy and I de-cluttered and organized my closet, my chests of drawers, and some 25 linear feet of shelving space, which are now devoted to a very neat and tidy arts and crafts area.  We emptied all the drawers in my sewing desk and lined up my homework for this week.  I get the happy task of sorting, sifting, and making the keep/go decision on a couple of large boxes of sewing related “stuff” before next weekend arrives.

We sifted through four boxes, and a couple of tabletops worth of Christmas décor; we squeezed the keepers into two medium/large stacking storage boxes (with a little room to spare) and a small Christmas tree box (one of those 32” fiber optic ones).  We organized my yarn – including an afghan well on its way to completion - into a couple of those stacking storage boxes, and there is one full of useable fabric.  We also got rid of the equivalent of two bushel-baskets of scrap fabric (and with little fight!)  Those scraps represented the abandoned dream of becoming the quilting queen of my neighborhood, hahaha.

I am so glad that stuff is gone out the door!  I have pictures!  And, as soon as I catch up with the technology in my life I’ll post the before and after shots!  I am praying that Amy will do some guest posts for me so people will get the organizers perspective on clearing this clutter!

We were both pretty tired by the end of the day.  But, it felt right to me because I knew we were doing what God wanted for my life.  As the clutter goes out the door, I feel so much closer to The Lord!  And, I thank God daily for Amy’s willingness to help and for her patience with me.

Psalm_111:3 (KJV) - His work is honourable and glorious: and his righteousness endureth for ever.

My prayer for today…   Thank you, Lord, for today and for the wonderful feeling of getting some of these things cleared out of the house and getting other things organized so they are easily accessible, and usable to Your honor and glory!  Help me Lord to stay out of the store, to keep away from impulse purchases, and to use the resources I have to encourage and exhort my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus.  And, help me find opportunities to share the gospel message.

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  1. I haven't asked but I have been wondering about before and after pictures.:-)


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